Today it’s hard to say where our people got such love for lemon, but without it today, no feast or family tea party is possible. This citrus is used to prepare various dishes, and tea with a lemon slice is a good way to fight infections and bad mood. Despite the sour taste, we are ready to eat it every day, and even developed several options for diets, where special attention is paid to the consumption of citrus fruits. In this regard, the question often arises: the use of water with a lemon on an empty stomach - is it, or is it better to abstain from it? Our journal conducted its own investigation and came to certain conclusions.

Chemical composition

Today, many people prefer to start the day with lemon water, which is necessary to drink before meals. Before we talk about the benefits and harm of water with lemons on an empty stomach, as well as how useful water with lemon and honey is for weight loss, you should get acquainted with citrus, considering its composition. Everyone will immediately say that it is this representative of citrus contains a large amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). This is indeed the case, and therefore, when cold, lemon tea is the best remedy, but you should not forget about vitamin P (rutin), which “acts” in conjunction with ascorbic acid, while maintaining the ideal condition of the blood vessels capillaries. It also contains some B vitamins, vitamin D and many others.

Also, speaking about the benefits and harms of lemon with water on an empty stomach, you should pay attention to its mineral composition. It contains such essential elements as magnesium, calcium and iron in sufficient quantities, and zinc, copper, essential oils and organic acids are also high. It is also worth mentioning about the high content of healthy pectins, and all this is contained in lemon water, but is it possible to drink it every morning, and even on an empty stomach.